Team Zimmermann


Zimmermann Home Improvements goes that extra mile to make your home project just like your dream.

A little about myself and my family. My Grandpa Don starting building GI housing back in 1957. Him and his friend Harry started D&H Builders. They would build a 900sq ft house in about 3 weeks. I’m not sure how accurate that time line is. (Grandpa might be telling his Grandson a fish story, I know it was quick). My father Brian then worked with my Grandpa for a couple years. Then my Dad bought them out. He then changed the name to Driason Development. He built homes, developed land, and for a time had one of the largest union carpentry sub contractors in the city. Then I came along started up my own company back in 2003. Doing everything from new construction too odd job home improvements. I enjoy and feel blessed to do a job which I love. Oscar (my son) and I would like to say,”Thanks for taking the time to check out our web site.”

Jason W. Zimmermann